The Only One

God’s the only one who knows-
What lies for us ahead.
God’s the only one who’s there,
When you cry alone in bed.
God’s the only one who see’s
The little things you do.
God’s the one who’s always there,
To care-and see you through.
God’s the one who listens-
When You’re crying out in pain.
God’s the only one who made:
The sun, the sky, the rain.
God’s the one who fills your heart,
With love when it is due.
God’s the one who gives us all-
And makes our dreams come true.
God’s the one who knows just when-
The times are right for change.
And though it may seem hard to bear;
Our lives are often strange.
God’s the one to turn to,
Be it good times; be it bad.
Just know that in the time he’s planned;
Your dreams, they will be had.

By: Anne Cline

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Wisdom of Nature – A Poem

Creatures of the field;
Ancient and wise.
Movements of trees;
Immense in their size.
Winter does fade;
Bursting forth it is Spring.
Too soon comes the Summer;
And to Autumn we cling.
Days pass by quickly;
Unnoticed by nature.
But tipped on their tongue;
Humans apply nomenclature.
Caught up in distraction;
To push right ahead.
The man lies awake;
There’s no rest in his bed.
While out in that field;
As the days do pass by.
The creatures don’t notice;
They don’t wonder, “Why?”
Soundly they sleep;
In a nest or a burrow.
Not doubting their path;
Or the journey come morrow.
So label not each season;
Each day that has past.
Watch not the clock-
With its time slipping fast.
Live each day to its fullest;
Heart happy and kind.
Feel the wisdom of nature;
And receive peace of mind.

By: Anne Cline

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Garden Rose

Gardens flourish; now Spring is here.
This is my favorite time of year.

As plants do grow so green and bright,
Flower heads come into sight.

The daffodils, now passed their time;
Iris blooms begin to shine.

I patiently await the thorny limbs,
Where fragrant buds emerge from within.

With glossy green and reddish leaves,
Sprouts up a beauty beyond belief.

It’s bud is simple; natures kiss-
A symbol of friendship and love is this.

Opens gently, petals borne-
On tips of branches sharp with thorns.

So sweet the smell of this first Rose;
Brings back memories of years one knows.

Should I cut the beauty fair?
Or leave the bloom for all to share?

I feel compelled to bring it inside,
To gaze upon its petals tonight.

And breathe the aroma it is giving,
For such a short time it will be living.

And so I snip it and hold it close,
It’s candy smell does fill my nose.

And in a vase I will display,
The beautiful Rose is nature’s way-

Of thanking me for careful care,
Of my small patch of heaven where-

The flowers bloom and hearts can’t harden,
Softened by the beauty of my own Garden.

By: Anne R. Cline

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Crippled by grief and life rolls along,
Nothing works out, things keep going wrong.
Simplest endeavors become mountains to climb.
While you’re stuck in a fog, with no sense of time.
So it spirals away, days stack up on end.
You’re beginning to wonder if you will feel “right” again.
As hard as you try, to put on your best smile,
You feel barely present-anxious all the while.
Finally you barricade yourself in a cave,
Thinking of regret and troubles most grave.
How one trudges on while similar trials they do face?
You have not a clue how to merge back into the race.
So hope that the new day brings any small pleasure,
‘Cause each moment in grief you’ve lost time that’s a treasure.

By: Anne Cline 

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Goodbye for now…

No words can say, just how I feel.
Now that you’ve gone, it seems unreal.

I’m grateful for the times we shared,
Your loving ways; You always cared.

A friend who you could bare your soul to-
She spoke her heart, said what was true.

She made me laugh and when I’d cry,
She’d shed a tear and hug me tight.

I’m not so sure just how we’ll fare,
Without your presence always there.

Taken home too soon it seems;
I hope to see you in my dreams.

With the smile so broad, that I do love.
Now dwells with her Father up above.

So goodbye for now, my dearest friend-
Until the day we meet again.

By: Anne Cline 

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My Coffee Cup ~ A Poem

My coffee cup I fill each day,
Then set it down and walk away.

I start to work, remember then-
I forgot my mug, jump up again.

I journey down the hall so long,
Without a clue, where my cup has gone.

Not in the kitchen, counters clear-
Checked by the fire, was just here!

Not on the bathroom counter, no!
Not sure where else-I did go.

Not on the deck, it would seem.
The struggle’s real, it’s not a dream!

Checked the microwave again-
Most of the time, that’s where it’s been.

I’ll give up now – it’s surely cold.
After all this searching, it is now old.

A new cup I pour – and let it go,
I’ll find it later, this I know.

Back down the hallway to my desk,
Just a distraction, a patience test!

I checked each place that I had been!
But alas no cup…I stop and grin.

It was right there, the whole time!
I guess I’m losing, my own mind.

But the first cup is still warm and so,
I’ve two cups to drink, all ready to go!

~ Anne Cline


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Spring ~ A Poem

Air is sweet-now flowers bloom,
Open window, draws breeze in room.

No more blankets wrapped around tight,
A warmer day and milder night.

All the hillsides green with grass,
Spring is here – arrived at last!

Sipping coffee – watch birds fly,
Their mating dance, on trees nearby.

Trees don flowers pink and white,
Lime green haze of buds in sight.

A long cold winter-released its hold,
Anxious for flowers with colors bold.

Taking time to view the changes,
Life speeds by and rearranges.

But Springtime seems to guarantee,
Life renews and grows so free.

So sit and breath the fresh air now,
Release the worry, need and doubt.

For just as earth does start anew,
A new day has dawned for me and you.

~Anne Cline


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Snowflakes ~ A Winter Poem

Snowflakes falling – drifting down,
Each one unique, now paint the town.

Coating hills and yonder grasses-
Atop the caps of lads and lasses.

Glistening crystals in the sun,
Each person stops to marvel some.

And though their nose is red and runny,
They enjoy the cold and think it’s funny!

One by one most snowflakes mound,
Pile up across the cold hard ground.

Together blend across the earth,
Uniquity, unseen – still has its worth.

But many a snowflake – lands all alone,
Revealing the unique pattern, they do own.

So pause and notice – ’cause it won’t last,
The lone snowflake – it melts so fast.

But they last long bunched up, together-
Makes winter seem to last forever!

~Anne Cline


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Sunday Morning ~ A Poem of Gratitude

Morning sun, has rose at last-
Another winter night has past.

This is my favorite time no doubt.
To ponder things and figure out.

What this day of rest will hold,
Make a plan – or let it unfold.

Prepare for this day, think ahead-
Get up and out, or lie in bed?

A nip, it is still in the air,
Birds are chirping, not sure from where.

Roosters crow to meet the day,
I drink my coffee – relax this way.

Grateful just to be alive!
With each new day that does arrive.

Today is special, one can’t deny,
I watch you sleep and sweetly sigh.

This gift of love is ours for sure
A love like ours – it will endure.

So rest my love, I will prepare –
For the day ahead, we have to share.

So after my coffee is soon gone,
I’ll cuddle back in, it won’t be long.

Our Sunday morning soon will be gone.
But our love it will go on and on.

~Anne Cline



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Moving On ~ A Poem For My Friend

Moving day is here at last,
All boxed up, treasured past.

Sorted items – truck all packed,
Piled up-the boxes now are stacked!

Doors roll down – and slamming shut,
Time to go, but in your gut,

A little bit of sadness lies,
With heartfelt hugs and sweet good byes.

And soon the truck is moving on,
To find a brighter – greener lawn!

Taking memories of friends you made,
Along the road of life you’ve paved.

And know that each life that you’ve touched,
Is going to miss you very much.

But great adventures do await,
In your new found home and State.

So know I wish you all the best,
Cause you my friend, are truly blessed!

~Anne Cline


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